Bears, Dolphins Were Aware Of WR Brandon Marshall Incident

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Sweets, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Late last night, reports surfaced that wide receiver Brandon Marshall, traded by the Miami Dolphins to the Chicago Bears on Tuesday, has been accused of punching a woman in the face outside a New York City nightclub. The incident allegedly happened at 3:50am ET on Sunday and a report, which police are investigating, was filed on Monday night. "Brandon Marshall was the key note speaker at a charitable event in New York. After the event was over he, his wife and close friends attended a function at a local club," a statement released by Marshall's attorney, Harvey Steinberg, said. "While at the function a fight broke out NOT involving Mr. Marshall or his friends." On Wednesday, the Bears released a statement declaring that both the Dolphins and Bears knew of the incident before agreeing on a trade that sent a pair of third round picks, one in 2012 and one in 2013, to the Dolphins to the talented, but troubled Pro Bowl receiver. "Both the Bears and Dolphins were aware of what occurred over the weekend," Bears general manager Phil Emery said. "We decided to move forward with the trade. We have high expectations for Brandon as a Bear."

    Source: Mac's Football Blog
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  2. 86WARD

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    LMAO...good stuff.
  3. markaz

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    Where but the NFL can you commit manslaughter, consume controlled substances, shoot weapons and beat the crap out of a woman and be treated like royalty? Excuse me.....allegedly.
  4. mj1987us26

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    MArshall was such a talent, but he quit to often, and this crap too. I said when the Dolphins traded for him I am skeptical of whether or not he would straighten out.
  5. markaz

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    You can rest easy again. It's the Bear's problem now.....and it will be.


    LOL I hope this leads to something bad, in one artical it says a guy claims Marshall and his friends injuried him and was questions by the police now it's they had no involvement. So when is Good ol Roger gonna come in and suspend him? Like he has so many others for off the field problems? This guy has had multiple!
  7. mtzninersfan

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    Ya that was actaully me he was fighting....he stepped on my BRAND NEW chucks I mean wtf???
  8. Tarkus

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    I'm still in shock of finally landing a #1 & for that cost.

    Hell. he can punch my wife if he needs to.
  9. Dragonite

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    That got a good giggle out of me Tarkus.
  10. Tim Tebow

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    When I first heard of this I was all agog.

    I talked to Brandon earlier today and he said it's all a misunderstanding.

    Me and Josh have been praying for this lady, and we hope that she sees the error of her ways.
  11. mj1987us26

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  12. Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow Best QB in NY


    That's a funny pear.

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