Bears Release OT J'Marcus Webb

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Sweets, Aug 30, 2013.

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    The Chicago Bears decided to part ways with offensive tackle J'Marcus Webb on Friday.

    Webb announced the news on both his personal twitter and facebook pages.

    "Good bye, Chicago! I gave you 3 years of me," Webb tweeted.

    On facebook, Webb wrote a little bit more about his thoughts on leaving the franchise.

    "It'll be good to have a fresh start. 3 years of starting with no injuries? Ill be ok," he wrote. "I'm no different than many of you. Change is good."

    Webb was selected in the seventh round of the 2010 NFL draft by the Bears. He started 44 of the 46 games he appeared in, including every game for the past two seasons.

    Source: National Football Post
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    IF Lovie Smith was still in Chicago, not only would Webb still be on the roster but starting as well. Good riddance Webb... Now, you can go get someone elses QB killed.
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    Is this the guy that pushed cutler last year?
  5. DaBearsrule4ever

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