Bears Unlikely To Pursue WR Matt Jones

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by 86WARD, May 28, 2009.

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    Vaughn McClure, of the Chicago Tribune, reports the Chicago Bears are unlikely to pursue free-agent WR Matt Jones. General manager Jerry Angelo said, "He was a first-round draft pick and he is a very talented player, but it's case by case. We're not quick to move on any player." Angelo added, "Guys make mistakes, move on, and become better people. Some guys have patterns of bad behavior and continue to have those patterns. I'm not saying that about Matt Jones. What I'm saying is we have to do our homework. And then you have to look at what value that person brings to your football team irrelevant of his off-the-field issues."

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    What else is new.
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    Somewhere in the NFL, a team will roll the dice and take a chance on him.
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    Why not take a chance on the guy for cheap 1 year type deal if you have the cap room. If he doesnt pan out release him, if he does pan out you just got a decent WR for close to nothing. A team like the Bears could really use this guy if he can play to his potential and stay out of trouble, and Lovie is the type of coach that Matt Jones could use to help him reach his potential and stay out of trouble