Bears WR Brandon Marshall Isn't Worried About A NFL Suspension

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    The Chicago Sun-Times reports that new Bears receiver Brandon Marshall insisted that he doesn't expect any fallout from an incident at a New York nightclub early Monday morning. Marshall expressed confidence that he wouldn't face any punishment from police or the NFL. "In due time, the truth will be out, and we're excited about that," Marshall said. "Given my history, I definitely understand the concern and the questions." A woman told the New York Post that Marshall "cold-cocked" her in the left eye. Asked if he's fearful of being suspended by the NFL, Marshall confidently said, "Absolutely not. No fear at all. Once it has taken its course, I think you will see things totally different, and we're excited about the process ... I understand and I get the perception out there. Those are the seeds that I've planted early on in my career up until last year."

    Source: CBS Sports

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