Bengals Lose Three Starters In First 5 Minutes Of Preseason Opener

Discussion in 'Cincinnati Bengals' started by SRW, Aug 10, 2012.

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    The first quarter of their first preseason game of the 2012 season has not been kind to the Bengals. Less than five minutes into the game, guard Travelle Wharton, linebacker Rey Maualuga and defensive end Carlos Dunlap were injured on separate plays and had to be helped off the field. On the third play for the offense, Wharton went down with a right knee injury, and though he walked to the cart, he still had to be driven off the field. Then, when the Bengals went on defense, Maualuga and Dunlap went down with right knee injuries and are doubtful to return to the game.

    Source: CBS Sports
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    Exactly what happened to the Steelers. We only lost one for season though.

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