Bengals Sign 7th-Rd Pick OT Reid Fragel

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    According to his personal Twitter account, the Cincinnati Bengals have signed seventh-round draft choice, Reid Fragel out of Ohio State University.

    Fragel tweeted: "Officially signed with the Cincinnati Bengals, can't wait to go to work"

    Fragel is the second player of the 2013 draft class to sign with the team, after the Bengals agreed to a contract with fellow seventh-rounder T.J. Johnson earlier on Wednesday. The Bengals appear to be working their way backwards through their draft class, as Johnson and Fragel were the last two players selected by the team.

    The terms of Fragel's contract are currently unknown, but all indications are that it will be identical to the contract signed by Johnson. Seventh-round compensatory picks typically receive the same value of contracts and Johnson's was worth $2.205 million and included a $45,896 signing bonus.


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