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    ram - how is it that you havent figured out the fact that nobody cares what you think here and we are simply toying with you and these stupid theories of yours ?
    i mean you brag about your intelligence and yet cant see that we are playing you ? cmon corky, pull your head out of your ass.

    now, go ahead and call us ignorant as you display the inability to grasp basic human interaction.

    btw - can you take the chrome off a trailer hitch like your dear old mom ?
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    Im going to change my name to DawkinsINTv2 and be a Bronco's fan until Manning retires
  3. Jihad Joe

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    No, but he can suck a c**k like no tomorrow
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    playing with me ?

    I'm well aware you are childish thickheads. but over time what I have said will eventually sink in.

    yes, I can tell you are making stupid jokes but I'm not joking and I know I'm right. So I tolerate your stupidity till you learn a valuable lesson about wisdom and maturity. I have of now you don't.

    I have given you the ultimate cheat sheet but you are such indoctrinated sheep you cant even see the obvious.

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