Bill Parcells reflects on his legacy as NFL field guru

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  1. Bill Parcells resigned as coach of the Dallas Cowboys in January and will be an analyst for ESPN during the upcoming NFL season. A winner of two Super Bowls, Parcells left with a 183-138-1 record in 19 seasons as an NFL head coach. He recently shared some thoughts with USA TODAY.

    Q. Are you definitely done with coaching, and would you consider coming back as a general manager?

    A. No and no. I've been doing this since 1964. Do the math. There are guys and I pay tribute to them, Bobby Bowden, Joe Paterno who keep going forward. I think college football is a little different than professional. It's more games and a longer season in the pros. I'm 65 years old. I've been doing it a long time.

    Source: Tom Weir, USA TODAY