Bill Russell to the Rochester Royals?

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    Malcom Gladwell coined the term “tipping point” which refers to a point in time where a certain specific event changes the course of history. One such decision came on April 30, 1956 in Rochester, New York of all places. Two men made a decision that would alter the course of a sports league as we know it.

    When Jackie MacMullen, Rafe Bartholomew and Dan Klores released their “Basketball: A Love Story” late last year, I was first in line at my local bookstore to buy it. The corelating, ten-part ESPN series has since escaped me but I looked to the book, a collection of stories and quotes from essentially every big name in the game since its inception, to enlighten me on what basketball has meant to them. I figured I’d also learn a little something in the process.

    Little did I know my first lesson would be held within the book’s initial pages.

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