Bills CB/KR Leodis McKelvin Has No Regrets About Failed Return

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by WC Jerome, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Regrets? Leodis McKelvin may have a few. But Monday night, the Buffalo Bills' second-year cornerback and kickoff return ace was unrepentant about his decision to return a kickoff from 2 yards deep in his end zone, which led to a fumble that set up the New England Patriots' game-winning drive. "I chose to bring it out because that's me," McKelvin said after the Bills' 25-24 loss. "If I had another chance 100 times, I would probably do the same thing. The only thing I've got to do is hold on to the ball."

    Source: The Buffalo News
  2. Crowned

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    and he shouldn't he did a good thing by getting the clock under 2 minutes, that way the Patriots wouldn't have had it to stop the clock. But god **mn son hold onto the ball.
  3. K Train

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    its a shame...hes a good player, tryin to be a hero....he pulled a hines ward...he didnt have to hit the group of tacklers so reckless though
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    Now that was my first thought, when he was bringing it out. Instead of just downing it in the endzone, I believe he wanted to run it out and use up some clock. When he took that first initial hit, he should have went straight down.
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    It's easy to say he should just go down, but this is a football player that you are talking about. It's not natural for them to just go down. You see it every week...both good and
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    The hands team isn't used to blocking for him though. It was 11 vs 1 after he decided to take it out. I can't believe the new and creative ways the Bills come up with to lose games.
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    Same situation as Ward's play. Very easy for us to sit here and say he should go down but in the middle of a play it's hard to just stop. Going for that extra yard was his mistake though.
    Very tough break for the Bills who played well enough for 55 minutes to win that game.
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    But the Lions laid down 16 times last year:icon_smile:
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    :icon_eek: lol
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    Nor can I...not to say the Bears don't have major problems of their own.
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    I stand corrected. :icon_redface: