Bills LB Kawika Mitchell Rips Into OG Richie Incognito On Twitter

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by Sweets, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Bills LB Kawika Mitchell did not roll out the welcome mat for Richie Incognito after Buffalo picked up the lineman on waivers from St. Louis on Wednesday. Mitchell disparaged Incognito, cut by the Rams on Tuesday, in a series of Twitter posts before eventually recognizing he had spoken out of turn. Of Incognito's addition to the Bills, Mitchell said: " Biggest disappointment this year, the guys' a bum. Dirty and always..will be. Real wish I was playing rite now. Seriously...I kno we're in need of oline but this guy suks balls."

    Source: USAToday
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    You stay classy Kawika Mitchell
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    I hate Twitter! Screw It.
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    ^^ :qft:
    Major outlets like USA Today using it as a source...what a joke.

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