Bills QB Vince Young Sues Former Agent For Stealing Money

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    Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young claims he's missing millions of dollars, and a new lawsuit says his former agent and financial advisor took the money. The Houston Chronicle reported Tuesday that Young sued Houston attorney Major Adams II late Monday, as well as financial adviser Ronnie T. Peoples. Young's new lawyer claims at least $5.5 million is missing and that legal action was necessary to figure out "what happened to a large sum of money that there's no accounting for," according to Young's new agent Trey Dolezal. Adams is a close friend of Young's uncle and does not have any other NFL clients. "There has been at least some evidence that there has been some fraud and some forgeries using (Young's) name over the last several years that we believe that Major Adams and Ron Peoples are responsible for," Dolezal said.

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    Major Adams II and Ronnie T. Peoples

    Shady names to start with...
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    cant read defenses, cant read agents.
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    Can't read...
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    Those are called taxes.
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    If they arent jewish, then your asking for trouble
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    The Titans can blame Young for pretty much the same

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