Bills Sign LB Manny Lawson To A 4-Year Contract

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by Sweets, Mar 13, 2013.

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    The Buffalo Bills have announced that they've signed free agent outside linebacker Manny Lawson. Early reports indicate that the sides agreed to a four-year deal, though the financial aspects of the contract have not yet been made available.

    Lawson, who will turn 29 in July, is entering his eighth year in the NFL and is a former college teammate of Mario Williams; the two were bookend defensive ends at North Carolina State. The 6'5", 240-pound Lawson spent his first five seasons as a bit player with the San Francisco 49ers, then spent the past two seasons as a linebacker with the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Source: SBNation
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    Never lived up to his pass rushing hype, but other then that a very solid player.

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    Keeps going to colder climates lol

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