Bills WR Stevie Johnson Has A Slight Fracture In One Of His Vertebrae

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    Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson told The Buffalo News on Thursday that the back strain that has been bothering him this offseason was actually a slight fracture of one of his vertebrae.

    Johnson said he suffered the injury in March while filming a video of one of his workout sessions for the team's website.

    "It got to the point where, 'It's got to be something more than a strain or something' because every time I sit down it's hurting," Johnson told the newspaper. "Every time I stand up it's hurting. I lay down, it's hurting. I went through rehab and it wasn't helping.

    "So I got the MRI, and it was a slight fracture."

    Johnson told the newspaper he injured his back doing a power-rope exercise.

    The receiver twisted his ankle when the Bills' voluntary workouts began in April. He told the newspaper that he was trying to test out his back and "ended up stepping on a cone."

    Source: ESPN

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