Bombs in Lebanon and I am sick of it

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    Suicide bombers here in Lebanon have become a normal way of life. Just today as I was headed out to a meeting, we heard a loud explosion. First thing i do, I log on to Twitter and wait for the news surely enough within minutes.

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    #lebanon explosion thought to be a car bomb in Haret Hreik S #Beirut

    11:14 AM - 21 Jan 2014

    I moved back to Lebanon (I never lived here) in 2010 to be with my sick father, but I don't know how much more of this crap I can take. I am desperate to get some work Permit for any other country to get the freak out of here, but at the same time my conscious can't leave my sick father and my mother taking care of him. Of course my father is stubborn and wants to die in his country. How long do I stay? 35 years old not married and basically dedicating my life to my parents and this freaked up country.
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    You're riddled with guilt and you shouldn't. Ask yourself this..."Would my father think any less of me or not love me if I said goodbye for the last time while he was alive?"

    Do you have any other relatives in Lebanon that can help your mother? Not that it should deter you from leaving that "freaked up country" because you do have your own life to live.
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    That's a crapty situation man. I could see myself doing the exact same thing you're doing. It's not fair to you to be living your life unhappily, but leaving could bring that feeling of guilt forever. It would be nice if you could find someone else to help your mom like mark said.
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    Forgot to ask....Is your father's illness the same one that prompted you to move to Lebanon 3+years ago?

    I hear what Steve is saying and kind of understand why one would feel that way. My mother lived in Kansas City (father was dead at the time) and she was going downhill. It was absolutely impossible for me to leave Phoenix at that time and visit. About 1 year later I got the call from one of my brothers that I'd better get back home. I did and pledged to my mother that I would come back every 30 days. I went back one more time and she passed a couple of days after I got back to Phoenix. I felt guilty after she died that I didn't see her more often but at the same time very thankful for the time I did spend with her the 45 days before she died.

    It is a tough one, but my feeling as parent x 2 is that you really shouldn't spend your days in misery especially if your father is not terminal. Unless he is this could go on for years to come.....and I don't think he would want you to do that. I know I wouldn't want my daughters not to be able to live their lives out of guilt. I know they love me and that's good enough.
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    Your father and mother want you to be happy and live your life in a way that makes you happy.
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    The issue has become two fold.

    A) Leaving my father would bring guild which I guess I am prepared to live with, but now I have problem B.
    B) I am Lebanese and only have a Lebanese passport so anywhere I go, I would need a work permit. in the US that means getting an H1B visa, which is close to impossible to get. The US gives around 85,000 H1B visas a year. (for the whole world)

    Relatives are all freaked up, they screwed my father in multiple business deals and he is owed over 5 million $ from them, and we basically are not on speaking terms. My Uncle moved to the US, My other Uncle is banned from entering Lebanon because of what he did. It's a tough situation. My mother works 12 hours a day along with my salary to just keep our family afloat. Money is okay it's not the problem I hate money. But I just don't have relatives. or they are dead to me.
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    I have full time help at home to help my father, but it's more moral support that she needs
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    My father was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver in 2009, Thanks to his drinking so yeah it's terminal. He was also suffers from Diabetes type 1 (also due to drinking) and just recently was diagnosed with dementia (some form of Alzheimer's disease) . The doctors gave him 1 year to live, but he is a fighter. he is only 68 years old!
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    This...and they'd probably want you to go where you can be as safe as possible...
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    Thanks guys, thanks all.

    I was in a rant mood yesterday because of the bomb