Brad Childress Says Cutting Bobby Wade Helps The Vikings

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    There were definitely some eyebrows raised among Vikings players today when they found out Bobby Wade had been released, a week after he agreed to cut his salary for 2009 from $3 million to $1.5 million.
    This reaction did not come as a surprise to coach Brad Childress. Childress knew Wade was popular among his teammates and cutting any guy who just agreed to have his salary chopped in half isn't going to sit well with many.
    "Things change and I'm sure you'd have people say, 'Well, that's a [raw] deal,'" Childress said. "But it's going to happen all the time. As you know, if a guy is on your opening-day roster as of Sunday you pay him his whole salary. I would think you'd see a wave of people, maybe Greg Lewis being one of those guys, where they're going to pay them week by week if they sign them on Monday. It happens every year. It's the business portion. As I told Bobby, we had a sitdown, that's never an easy discussion to have."