Brandon Marshall To Seahawks Rumors Are Premature

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by SRW, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times refutes internet rumors that the Seahawks are pursuing disgruntled Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who is being tied to Seattle because of his connection to newly hired offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates who worked with Marshall in Denver in 2008. However, it just doesn't make any sense for Seattle to be actively pursuing Marshall at this time not only because of the status of the Seahawks front office (i.e. no general manager), but the uncertainty of the collective-bargaining agreement. If a new agreement is reached and the current CBA rules remain in place, Marshall is an unrestricted free agent but if no agreement is reached and the league goes uncapped he is restricted.

    Source: Seattle Times
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    I don't really know if it's possible for a rumor to be premature...
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    thanks for pointing that out. Rumors have a basis, and the fact that Bates is the new offensive coordinator there the rumor stems from that.