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    Asst. United States Attorney Michael Gill announced that Michael Vick's cousin, Aaron Brooks, will not face indictment in the Bad Newz Kennel dog fighting scandal. According to the U.S. Attorney's office, Mr. Brooks' pitbulls failed to show any fighting spirit, did not indicate any will to win, fought only off their back foot, and wouldn't stop smiling when they bit the wrong dog.
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    Did you read the whole thing?
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    i know its a fake article but it still needs a link
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    Ummm Yaa you obviously didnt read into it... He was describing Aaron Brooks in the form of his dog. No Will to win, off his back foot, ETC ETC... its a sarcastic post makin fun of Aaron Brooks
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    i figured as much like i said i knew it was fake just figured he got it elsewhere so if that was the case he needed to provide a link or say that he work it its not rocket science
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    LMAO rep to you if I could
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    The horror of it all!

    Why you gotta be so tough on Mr. Brooks SF?
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    Ummm i dont think he is being tough he is just being realistic, Brooks should sign with the CFL.
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    2004....saints are playing the chargers in san diego....i am there decked out in my saints gear....brooks throws a 5 yard backwards pass to a freaking lineman....hilarity insues
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    That's good crap. Rep to SF!
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