Brett Favre WILL Unretire In 10 Days.

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    Where did you read this? It must be false. I would've known about it by now. :icon_cheesygrin:

    Seriously, though.


    QFT and excellent insight.

    I don't think he even knows one way or another. I think that if these are all really just rumors and he has absolutely no intention of playing again, and no desire or itch to play again, HE WOULD HAVE SAID SO. So obviously, these aren't just rumors. He doesn't know definitively whether he actually will unretire, but he knows he has the "itch" to and he wants to. He regrets the decision he made in March, but he worries it may be too late to go back. And here's what I have to say about it from the Packers point-of-view:

    If Favre writes them a letter asking them to move him off the reserved/retired list and onto the active roster, leaving them with the options of activating him, cutting him, or trading him, I think they won't and shouldn't keep him. I think they should try to trade him, thus ensuring that he doesn't end up with a division rival, or even a team they play this year, and if they can't find a trading partner they like, they'll have to cut him or make him Rodgers' back-up. Here's why:

    It's hard for them to hand to entire offense over to Rodgers, making all these changes, and then saying, "Oh, sorry, Favre wants to come back so you'll have to wait another year or two". And then, say Favre plays two more years with the Packers, and, uh-oh, Rodgers' contract is up! He's a free-agent who hasn't started a game! Do you really think he'll want to re-sign with Green Bay after how they dangled the starting QB job in front of him, and then took it away and benched him? Hell, he'll probably be pulling a Chad Johnson and demanding a trade! And I wouldn't blame him. Because, then, in two years, you've lost Brett Favre due to old age (at some point he physically won't be able to play at an NFL level), and you've lost Rodgers to free-agency. Now you've got Brian Brohm as your starter, and who knows if that's going to work. It won't work out for the Packers to suddenly change everything like this. They might keep him, pay him, and make him Rodgers' back-up, to keep Rodgers happy and this way the offense and team won't have to make so many adjustments. Maybe Favre won't be content with backing up Rodgers, and this will actually drive him to retire, since they did activate him, and pay him. He'd be out of options.

    Analogy: It's like Brett Favre and the Packers were boyfriend and girlfriend for 16 years, then she (I think we all know who that is here) breaks up with them. So the Packers get a new girlfriend (Erin Rodgers), and propose to her. She says yes, and they set a date for the wedding. But then, four months after the engagement was announced, the Packers say to Rodgers, "Sorry, we have to call off the wedding. Our ex-girlfriend wants to get back together with us. And, even though we said we had moved on and we love you and have set a date for the wedding, we love her more than you and she's better in the bed zone. We mean, the red zone". Then, it doesn't work out and they re-break up, and then a broken-hearted Rodgers doesn't want Green Bay back, so they have no one. Except for a new girlfriend who might not be ready for a serious relationship (Brianna won't be ready for a starting gig in the NFL).


    Favre was married to the Packers and died, so they moved on and proposed to Rodgers. Then, Favre arose from the dead and the Packers chose him.
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    I've spoken to Brett several times this week and he will be returning to the NFL in hopes to sign or be traded to Tampa Bay.
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    Was that supposed to be funny?

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    Was this?:

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    Not at all. It was the truth. :icon_rolleyes:
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    Stop it! Can't you guys see that Brett is tearing us apart!?!?!

    I don't know if I buy any of this. It's a bold statement by King that you think he wouldn't make unless he had good info from a good source, but SI is known for this kind of crap. They always make absurd preseason predictions in an attempt to sell magazines.
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    You mixed him up with McNabb :icon_wink:
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    Send him to Atlanta

    If he wants to play games, play games with him
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    I think I'm gonna start a Favre thread...

    My post count is too low.


    When the heck is this crap gonna end?

    I can't wait for week 9 this season.

    We will get a report that Favre has been seen working out, and might come back if the Packers are in contention for a play off spot!!!!

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    He'll be back way before that...9 days or less!!!

    Atlanta wouldn't want his $12M price tag.
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    Anyone else having flashbacks to Darren's Mike Nolan obsession?
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    sarcasm you "big dummy!"

    it's not funny at all. but you're no jay leno my friend. you're about as funny as a us soldier being killed in iraq.

    but thanks for the favre news. it's putting the city of green bay in turmoil! good job!
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    I just heard, he did workout with Young, Elway, Marino and Moon......... :icon_eek:
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    uh oh looks like Spent is ready for action
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    First off Farve has always been about Brett, ALWAYS, it is not a unknown fact that Brett is selfish. Basically, saying things like I don't need to teach Rodgers anything.

    Second, remember when Driver said that Brett would disappear into the sunset and we wouldn't see him for awhile, who bought that one? Not me!!! LOL

    Third, lets all assume (and you know happens when you BUTTuME) he is coming back, look at it from the Packers perspective.

    Favre was done, they did things in the offseason because of that, got players and put in plans because Brett wasn't there, no if he comes back, he might help them out this year, but heck up there plans for future. Also, they really can't release him for fear of him signing within the division, that would be a nightmare if he comes back for another team in the division and does better than the Packers. They almost have to make sure that he goes to the AFC. The only way to do that is a trade, you can bet that if Favre coming back is true, that right now the Packers front office is got to be shopping him to the AFC.

    Brett could come out and say what's up, but maybe there is some legal crap that is forcing people to not say anything, I don't know.

    It really is ridiculous, Favre should just play until he can't play, plain and simple, this way there isn't any confusion.
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    the thought of him signing with the bears is just magical....but its not just the bears....literally every team in that division would sign him
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    he'll sign with minnesota before he signs with the bears or plays for the packers.
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    i can see this with a whole jake plummer twist. farve gets traded to the phins for a late round draft pick and refuses to come out of retirement
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    Late round

    Is anyone else getting a weird sense that 86Ward is a closet Bucs fan? :icon_cheesygrin: