Broncos Kyle Orton One Of NFL's Lowest Paid Starting QB's

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    Kyle Orton was hoping to get his a multiyear contract this offseason. Instead, he got Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow added to the Broncos roster. Classified as a restricted, rather than an unrestricted, free agent because of a labor dispute between team owners and the NFL Players Association, Orton settled for a one-year, $2.621 million salary that makes him one of the league's lowest-paid starting quarterbacks. "We shot it around, and that's fine," Orton said of his own contract talks that went nowhere this offseason. "I'd love to have security. I'd love to have a deal. But I also know where we're at and I know I'm in camp right now. My side of talking about it is over with. My agent knows what I want. If we can get close, great. If not, I'm fine playing with what I'm making right now."

    Source: Denver Post
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    This kid is a class act. He may have a low ceiling, but his performance on the field is above average. I think people overblow the 'prototypical' QB build. If you can't throw the ball 70 yards who cares!! You can make up for it in accuracy, smarts, and leadership.
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    It's because they are giving that starting QB salary to Jesus v 2.0.
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    Don't insult Tebow like that. Jesus has nothing on him,
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    shouldn't orton be one of the lowest paid starting qb's in the league? why is this a surprise? he's a lower-tier starting qb so the money should equal his contributions, right?
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    JaMarcus Russell disagrees.
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    The rest of the league shouldn't have to suffer because of Davis' mistake.
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    He should be one of the lowest paid STARTIBG QBs in the league but should also make more then his 3rd string back up who will never be a starting quality QB.
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    He has earned his money. Pay up you god**mn Broncos.