Broncos President John Elway Sticking By Decision To Draft QB Brock Osweiler

Discussion in 'Denver Broncos' started by SRW, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Vice president of football operations John Elway has been roundly applauded for winning the Peyton Manning sweepstakes last off-season, turning the Denver Broncos into contender overnight with the move.

    But there have also been questions as to why, after signing Manning, did the Broncos select quarterback Brock Osweiler rather than address a more pressing need in the second round of the 2012 draft. Osweiler basically sat and watched Manning the whole season, rarely doing anything other than holding a clipboard.

    Elway told the Denver Post the move was made to give the Broncos some insurance behind Manning, whose future was still uncertain with a neck injury, and with the belief that Osweiler has the tools to become a franchise quarterback in his own right once Manning is done.

    "I know I said after we signed Peyton that we didn't have a plan B, but there was a plan B in Brock," Elway said. "No. 1, we didn't have a backup and No. 2, it wasn't exactly a sure thing with Peyton coming back.

    "My thought was, we wanted a guy for the future, No. 1. No. 2, if it didn't work out with Peyton, we could load up with a guy that we liked and who could be the guy for the next 10, 12 years. And No. 3, if Peyton did come back and play like he did, then Brock could get a great education of how things were supposed to be done as a quarterback, what you had to go through, to see one of the best of all time do it."

    Source: National Football Post
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    Hey it's Elway's mistake to make and if he feels that the new kid can backup Manning then that's that. Manning will probably play what, two or three more years you think? That should be enough time to give Osweiler the chance to absorb the Manning playbook lol.
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    Brock was the least ready to step in and play as a rookie. Like [MENTION=2876]DaBears22[/MENTION] said let him study under Manning for as long as he can. Certainly can't hurt his development any.
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    Yeah, specially because Curtis Painter and Jim Sorgi worked out great, right?

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    Painter and Sorgi weren't drafted with the intention of them taking over as starters soonish after being drafted, if at all. They were both late round nobodys who were long term projects at best and late round no-big-deal throwaways at worst. Osweiler was drafted high, with the express intention of taking over when Manning retired in a few years. It was a smart move and I dont see why Elway should take any heat for it, he should be applauded for his foresight if anything. He knew Manning is in the last couple years of his career at best, and at the time wasnt even 100% sure he'd be any good when he did play. Drafting a qb high as insurance was smart as heck in that situation, and if he gets to sit and learn for a while under Manning, all the better for everyone involved.
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    the guy has the intangibles and being coached up and watching a great player could give him a chance to be a starter and a quality player for a long time

    brock compared to manning has a bigger upside in the next 10 years

    you know what you get with manning
    an mvp type season and a first round loss in the playoffs

    didnt this guy warm up for hail mary throws for manning anyways
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    Osweiler should have been a first rounder. He should have went where Weeden went

    Not comparing styles, but I think he was at the same place Kaepernick was when he came out

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    i agree with most of the sentiments here. not sure why elway needs to explain this. if they felt he was a quality qb, they now have a solid #2 , which is important, and potentially a franchise qb that will start playing in 2014 if this is peytons last season.

    i think we are all assuming peyton has 1 more year in him.
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    :icon_evil: I hate you Jim Sorgi :icon_evil:

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