Broncos V.P. John Elway Says QB Brady Quinn Was Ready If Tim Tebow Struggled

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  1. The AFC West, thanks to Denver upsetting Oakland 38-24 on Sunday, is a hot mess right now, and in what has to be the weirdest turn of events, Tim Tebow's led the Broncos within one game of first place in their division, but he's still not on firm footing in terms of remaining the starting quarterback -- though he's guaranteed to start this week! -- and John Elway told Denver's 102.3 The Ticket on Monday that John Fox was prepared to bring in Brady Quinn if Tebow struggled against the Raiders Sunday. "I think that John was patient with it and wanted to see how things were going," Elway said, via the Denver Post. "If we’d have seen what happened the last couple of weeks, we might have seen a change." Elway also noted that he'd like to see Tebow's completion percentage, currently hovering below 50 percent, improve. That's not surprising, because it's tough to win football games when you're only hitting on 46.4 percent of your passes. What is surprising is how quickly Fox and Elway were willing to bail on the Tebow experiment and roll with Quinn. Tebow looked terrible against Detroit last week and was only good for a few minutes against the Dolphins in Week 7, but had they really given him a fair shake, after 10 quarters of football, a trade of his best wide receiver and no clear-cut game plan designed to utilize his strengths?

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    As he should be...every week... Non-story.
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