Browns Coach Eric Mangini Takes Responsiblity For Team's Mistakes

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    Browns coach Eric Mangini shouldered plenty of blame for Sunday's 34-20 loss to the Vikings, especially the second-half meltdown. "There's things that I could've done better," he said. "Obviously I didn't communicate effectively enough at halftime the importance of what we had to maintain. And there were times in the game where I thought we could've done some things differently in terms of stopping the run, which would've helped us. I should've gotten that done quicker than I did." Vikings running back Adrian Peterson rushed for 155 of his 180 yards and two of his three TDs in the second half. "There are things I could've done better in terms of getting a more consistent fit [position of the defenders] on the front side," said Mangini. "And that's always going to be my job, to make sure that as these things come, it's addressed. You're constantly trying to adjust and there are some things I thought we did well in the second half in terms of adjustments and things that we can improve." He also took responsibility for deciding to run Josh Cribbs a second straight time out of the Wildcat on the goal-line, although later mentioned that offensive coordinator Brian Daboll wanted to do it and he said OK.

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