Browns Coach Pat Shurmur Miffed About WR Mohamed Massaquoi's No-Concussion Tweet

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    Browns coach Pat Shurmur was miffed today about a postgame tweet by Mohamed Massaquoi that contradicted Shurmur's announcement that Massaquoi suffered a concussion Friday night in Detroit. Shurmur actually seemed more ticked at the media for including Massaquoi's tweet in stories instead of taking him at his word. Massaquoi wasn't outside with the rest of the team during practice today and is being treated for his concussion. "You know how I feel about tweets and twitters, No. 1,'' Shurmur said sharply. "I told you what happened and that's what happened. If you ask me a question about what happened in the game and I tell you the process, then that's how it happened. So I don't know (about the tweet). I only hear what get's tweeted. He had a concussion and we're treating it as so.'' Shurmur admitted that he doesn't like his players tweeting out team business, but that he's not going to ban them from tweeting during camp like Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has done. "Yeah, I don't like them,'' said Shurmur. "That's my policy. I encourage them not to and I think it's important that they don't. I don't think you can totally harness social media. I've come to that realization. But what I can do is encourage and inspire them to be very professional and not talk about Browns business. That's just my feeling on it. That's a big thing to harness, social media.''

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

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