Browns DE Jayme Mitchell Thinks His Demotion Is "Some Bull"

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    When September waiver pickup Emmanuel Stephens made his second start in a row against Jacksonville, it was assumed to be because of Jayme Mitchell's recovery from ankle and pectoral muscle injuries. "No, it was a coach's decision," coach Pat Shurmur corrected. "We started Emmanuel." For the foreseeable future? "Stephens is the starter," Shurmur replied. On Wednesday, Mitchell said, "I don't like it, to be honest. I was told it was lack of production on my part. It could be what it is. It could be some bull [expletive]." Shurmur said Mitchell will now see time at both left end and right end, as Jauron seeks to replenish the energy of the over-used starters down the stretch. Mitchell isn't ecstatic about his role change. "It's sort of different from what was talked about before I got here [as a free agent] when I decided to sign with the Browns," he said.

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

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