Browns PK Phil Dawson Unsure If He's Returning To Cleveland

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    For the second straight year, Phil Dawson has walked out of Cleveland Browns Stadium thinking it might be for the last time. Dawson, who came back as the team's franchised player in 2011, admitted after Sunday's loss to the Steelers that he's not sure if he'll return to Cleveland for a 14th season. The Browns have said recently they'd love to have him back. But Dawson lived here all season while his wife, Shannon, and their three children lived in Austin, Texas, and he might not want to do that again. "It's the same song, a different verse," said Dawson. "I'll go home [to Austin] catch up with my family and get rested, regroup and make the decision when I need to." Would he like to return? "I just need to go home and talk to my wife, kind of like what I said last year," he said. "I'm kind of at that point, the kids are getting older and I've got other issues I've got to consider, not just football. I certainly gave my heart and soul to this team this year. I feel pretty good about how I kicked the ball. I really missed one kick all year. I feel pretty good about that. I'll let it all sink in and make that decision when the time comes."

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

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