Browns RB Trent Richardson Misses Practice For Birth Of Third Child

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    Running back Trent Richardson missed the final day of preparation Friday for the Giants game, not because he was nursing an injury but because he was visiting the nursery.

    Richardon was at the hospital with his girlfriend, Sevina, who was in labor with their third child, a son. They also have two young daughters, Taliyah and Elevera.

    Coach Pat Shurmur excused Richardson from practice, but said the rookie had already had a great week of work.

    "It will not affect his game status," said Shurmur. "I expect him to play."

    Listed as probable because of his absence, Richardson is expected to accompany the team to New York on Saturday and Shurmur is confident he'll be ready by kickoff.

    "I've seen guys go through family situations, personal situations and play outstanding games," he said. "What's important is that he just tidies up on the preparation that he did miss, which I know he will."

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

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