Buccaneers LB Quincy Black Having Complications With His Left Arm

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    Buccaneers linebacker Quincy Black suffered a 'serious injury' and complications with his left arm following a helmet-to-helmet hit with Chargers running back Ryan Matthews in the third quarter of Sunday's game at Raymond James Stadium.

    Coach Greg Schiano said Monday Black has 'full function,' but further tests will be needed to determine his immediate future with the team. Black, 28, dropped to the turf where he remained for several minutes following a collision with Matthews that resulted in a two-yard loss. But Black gave a thumbs up while being carted off the field by paramedics and was released from St. Joseph's Hospital following evaluation Sunday night.

    "Overall, he's going to be okay,'' Schiano said Monday. "Now, it's a serious injury and he's having some complications with his left arm, so there's still further tests he has to go through before we can make a definitive statement. But it's serious and how much time that means? We're going to have to see. As soon as we know, we'll let you know. But obviously, it's not good.''

    Source: Tampa Bay Times

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