Buccaneers OG Davin Joseph's Injury Worse Than Originally Feared

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    Davin Joseph's injury is worse than initially reported. Where we first heard that Joseph had torn his kneecap, it appears that he has in fact torn his patellar tendon. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced that the right guard will have surgery on Monday and will be placed on injured reserve, 'causing him to miss the entire season. Bucs fans will remember this specific injury from Cadillac Williams, who tore patellar tendons in both of his knee, essentially sapping him of much of his explosion and speed.

    It's not clear whether Joseph will be similarly affected by his torn patellar tendon, but this is a much more serious injury than a torn patella. This will affect the stability of his knee in the long term, and the Bucs should prepare for the possibility that Joseph may not return to form after rehabilitation.

    Source: SBNation.com

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