Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman Is Playing For His Job, Ronde Barber Says

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    Josh Freeman used to be viewed as a franchise cornerstone for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now he's a curiosity, a quarterback who could be great if he ever learned how to stay out of his own way.

    Free-agent cornerback Ronde Barber has had a sideline view of every snap in Freeman's four (sometimes maddening) seasons in the NFL. During a Monday appearance on "NFL Total Access," Barber spoke candidly about Freeman's hugely important 2013.

    "I think coach (Greg Schiano) wants to find out if Josh is the guy because Josh shows moments of complete brilliance," Barber said. "Yet, he gives you the moments where you're scratching your head as well. It's kind of reflective of our season and as a whole last year.

    "Coach Schiano did not draft him, even though (general manager) Mark (Dominik)'s married to him because he was with him when (former coach) Raheem (Morris) drafted him. But you have to believe that Josh Freeman is our franchise quarterback. He fits the build. He has the arm. He understands the mechanics of the game. Like I said, when he's good, he's really, really good. We just need him to be that player with more consistency."

    Is Freeman playing for his job in 2013?

    "I would imagine so," Barber replied. "That's just the nature of football. (When) you have a new coach, which we had last year, you're proving yourself to him, and Josh has to do that."

    Source: NFL.com
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