Buccaneers To Show Interest In 49ers D-Line Coach Jim Tomsula?

Discussion in 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers' started by SRW, Jan 15, 2012.

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    There hasn't been much news revealed this weekend as it relates to the Bucs' coaching search, as information continues to be difficult to come by but the Tampa Times has stumbled on a name you should keep in mind: 49ers defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. The Niners won on Saturday and will advance to the NFC Championship game next Sunday, but the Times is told the Bucs have interest in speaking with the 5-year member of the San Francisco coaching staff regarding a potential spot on Tampa Bay's new staff. It's not believed that Tomsula is a candidate for the Bucs' head-coaching post, but it is possible that he's under consideration for another position, such as defensive coordinator. Tomsula, the Times has learned, has told others that he does not expect his expiring contract to be renewed by the 49ers after the season. His time with the team pre-dates rookie coach Jim Harbaugh's tenure, something that could be related to the 49ers' decision to let his contract expire.

    Source: Tampa Times
  2. nixaler

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    Come on F.O. he's undefeated as a head coach for the 49ers.... the defense loves him. They should keep him.
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    I agree, don't fix what ain't broke damn it...TOMSULA needs to stay in SF. Bucs need to go trolling elsewhere...
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    Promote him to Asst. HC to prevent his being poached and extend him NOW. Fangio, Tomsula and Seely all need to be locked in for as long as possible.

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