Buffalo Bills Say 2013 Schedule Is Unfair

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    The Buffalo Bills official web site has broken down the 2013 schedule and is calling on the the NFL to change its procedures for assembling 256 regular-season dates, sites and kickoff times, Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports.

    "While we all realize the perfect NFL schedule is almost impossible to achieve," writes Chris Brown of BuffaloBills.com, "it's hard to think that a league that is typically ahead of the curve doesn't realize how much this year's NFL schedule is slanted against the Bills and Falcons."

    The team's official site analyzed all 32 schedules and found Buffalo is "disadvantaged" a league-high six times because opponents are coming off extra rest (a Thursday night game or a bye week).

    The Atlanta Falcons have four such games, the Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have three apiece.

    Brown writes that facing an opponent with extra preparation time is "a decided disadvantage, one that the league must strive to correct" and that "It's very difficult to call the NFL a league of parity when there's one team with half of their division games against clubs with extra time to rest and prepare, while another in the same division has none. The league simply has to do better."

    Source: The Redzone
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    Bills already looking for excuses?
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    It looks like bills are looking for excuses

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    to be fair, 6 of these games is a lot. people have complained about less.
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    Didn't the Eagles have a similar schedule last year?
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