Byron: "I Don't Think He'll Play"

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by CP26, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. CP26

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    Redskins cornerback Byron Westbrook said he would be very surprised if his brother Brian played for the Eagles this weekend. Byron Westbrook said he speaks to his brother, whose presence completely changes the effectiveness and productivity of the Philly offense, nearly every day."The ankle injury is more serious than what the Eagles put out.

    Washington Post
  2. Crowned

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    Man When I seen this on the main page, I thought it was Byron Leftwich saying it about Ben, my heart dropped... phew
  3. RichLikeWh0a

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    LMAO I thought the same thing! That's funny.
  4. CP26

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    Sorry guys. :doh:
  5. ronbart

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    i didnt even knwo b-west had a brother
  6. nastynate184

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    excatly what i was thinking
  7. dolphindude13

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    According to reports Westbrook almost played Sunday night against the Bears, decinding only at the last minute to sit it out......can't see him missing this week if that was true. A full week of rehab should have him good to go.
  8. DawkinsINT

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    I'm thinking that Brian is lying to his brother to throw the Skins off.

    Eagles family > brother who got more attention from Mom & Dad at times
  9. bigsexyy81

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    We gotta have this guy back... but again, it isn't worth him making the injury worse. If he's gotta sit, he's gotta sit.:icon_sad:
  10. phiglesphan

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    Word.... poor Byron. Only ever gets his name mentioned when he
    A) plays his big brother on the redskin's scout team
    B) comments on his big brother's injury
  11. Ridin Burgundy

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    Bryon> Brian
  12. Roy31

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    Guess it kind sucks when you only one good running back.
  13. CP26

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  14. phiglesphan

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    If he's better then Brian why don't you even know his name?
  15. Ridin Burgundy

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    Because i'm dyslexic you c**t

  16. phiglesphan

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    If your not british then FREAK you for calling me a c**t. If your british then cheers mate. Dogs bollocks of a laugh I just had
  17. Ridin Burgundy

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    Why does it make a difference if i'm british or not? (i am btw)

    and I do appologize I was meant to call you a nuct :icon_smile:
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    Cause when a british person calls you a c**t it's pretty benign. When a colonist does it there is alot more anger and vehemence behind it.
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    Yeah I pretty much use it in every sentence now :lol:

    Thats actually pretty freaking bad though and im sure I offend plenty of people.
  20. AlexOvechkin

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    LOL, I didn't know Brian has a brother :icon_cheesygrin: