Cardinals Happy Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton Will Be Sticking Around

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    Based on his impressive interview, by all accounts, for the Rams' head-coaching job before Jeff Fisher was hired in St. Louis, it really does appear that Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton could be a legitimate head coach in the making. But with Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt beaming over the job the former Steelers DB coach did in his first season in the desert, word is there was a team-wide sense of relief after learning that Horton would likely be staying put (he's still under contract). "He did a great job this year, obviously, and Whisenhunt finally got the defensive coordinator he was seeking," said one daily team observer. Some are comparing Horton to Mike Tomlin, who quickly rose from the assistant ranks to become the Steelers' head coach. "It's valid in some ways, not in others," the observer said. "Ray's different than Tomlin, I think, in that he has a lot more experience in the NFL."

    Source: Pro Football Weekly

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