Cardinals start tough finish at Seattle

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    (AP) — When asked how much time he has spent looking at the scenarios for his team to get into the playoffs, Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians closed his left hand into a circle, forming a zero. Not because of the game-at-a-time mentality of NFL coaches, but because it's unlikely any of the myriad of scenarios would matter if the Cardinals don't beat Seattle and San Francisco in their final two games. The first of the rematches will be at CenturyLink Field, where the Seahawks have won 14 straight and their fans recently set a world record for loudest noise at an outdoor stadium while triggering what amounted to a localized earthquake in the stadium. The Seahawks got off to a fast start, leading 14-0 by early in the second quarter, and Russell Wilson threw for three touchdowns against the Cardinals. Arizona's offense has become much more stable in the two months since that game, the line protecting better while Palmer has become more efficient, cutting back on his turnovers while helping the Cardinals score 27 points or more six times in the past seven games.

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