Cardinals To Feature RB Ryan Williams Thursday

Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by SRW, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said Monday running back Ryan Williams will get the majority of carries during Thursday's preseason finale against the Broncos. Williams, who missed most of the preseason with a knee injury, said he came out of his preseason debut Saturday against the Chargers unscathed.

    "Since I injured my knee (in 2011), that’s the best I’ve felt on the field," Williams said, per "I wasn’t hesitant to cut off my right leg, I wasn’t hesitant to run up in there or get contact. I was getting hit and I wasn’t thinking about grabbing my knee or protecting my knee. I was thinking about protecting the ball."

    Williams is excited to see heavy playing time Thursday.

    "To be able to show the world what I can do," Williams said. "We’ll see how that goes."

    Source: CBS Sports
  2. mmehring

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    Good luck with that, hes a bust imo
  3. markaz

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    I'm guessing this is a hopeful showcase for a possible trade. But with Mendenahall dinged up, who knows.
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    they are just gonna unleash
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    You are correct , sir. I just didn't want to sound anti-Cards.
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    So he can run away and not come back

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    hes still in this league?