Cardinals To Start Rookie QB Ryan Lindley In Preseason Finale

Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by SRW, Aug 27, 2012.

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    The benefit of one extra preseason game did nothing to settle the Cardinals' quarterback situation. And now, as if coach Ken Whisenhunt has officially run out of ideas and will spend the next few days waiting for a sign from God, Arizona will start rookie Ryan Lindley in its final preseason game.

    While much remains to be decided, this much is certain: whatever Lindley does Thursday -- up to and including throwing for 600 yards and 10 touchdowns -- he will not be the Week 1 regular-season starter. Beyond that, who knows.

    Whisenhunt said Monday that neither Kevin Kolb nor John Skelton would likely see the field against the Broncos in the final preseason game. Given that he's seen both players for going on a year now -- through the 2011 season, minicamps, OTAs and now training camp -- we're guessing there's nothing the coach feels he can learn from one more meaningless game, especially one that will likely feature players for both teams who won't be on NFL rosters by the end of the week.

    Source: CBS Sports
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    Lindley could wind up being the
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    You laugh, but if the Cards have ever possibly lucked into a potential diamond in the rough, this kid is it. Phoenix fans love this kid, but what do fans know? Should be No. 2 behind Skelton and then that other guy carrying the clipboard.
  4. Lindley has a bunch of talent. He needs time and refinement. I'm worried if he plays he could be irreparably damaged.

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