Carmelo Anthony pours in 62 vs. Bobcats for Knicks, new MSG records

Discussion in 'Basketball Talk' started by LebaneseFF, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. LebaneseFF

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  2. Rottstein

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    He sat the last 8 minutes of the game too. Could of hit 70 easy.
  3. Tarkus

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    It's like a lot of prolific scoring games. They're usually shut down in the latter end of games or we'd have probably seen some challenges to Wilt's historic 100 point game.
  4. Steve12

    Steve12 @oneearsteve

    If he played for thibs be would have hit 100 because he would have played 46 minutes.
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  5. markaz

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    Great personal accomplishment.
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  6. DawkinsINT

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