CB Eric Wright Fighting His Release From Tampa Bay

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    The Buccaneers plan to release cornerback Eric Wright due to his suspension for testing positive for Adderall last fall, but Wright is fighting those plans and has filed a grievance to try and stop the move that will save Tampa Bay $7.75 million, according to Mark Cook of Pewterreport.com.

    When Wright was suspended for testing positive for Adderall last season, many felt it was just a formality before the Buccaneers would part ways with Wright. The language of Wright’s contract (as most NFL contracts do) called for a behavioral clause to protect Tampa Bay for this type of specific infraction.

    A source said back in January that the Buccaneers were almost certain to release Wright before the first offseason workouts began. The reason being, that if Wright were to injure himself, for example as Da’Quan Bowers did last spring (Achilles), then the Buccaneers would be on the hook for the entire $7.75 million due in 2013.

    Source: The Redzone

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