Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson Fine With A Smaller Role

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  1. The 100-yard games have dried up, although he came close once. Those three-touchdown games seemingly are on the endangered species list. There is talk about this perhaps being the end of a remarkable career, or at least his time in San Diego, what with his declining output and advancing age. None of it matters to LaDainian Tomlinson. Perhaps in his last few weeks with pass-happy San Diego, L.T. is happy and healthy going into the Chargers' playoff opener against the New York Jets on Sunday. It could be the final game at Qualcomm Stadium for one of the city's most popular athletes ever. If the Chargers win the Super Bowl with Tomlinson, management could point out that he served his purpose and then have a clean separation. Tomlinson isn't thinking about the end of his time with the Bolts, or in the NFL, for that matter. The Chargers are three wins away from their first Super Bowl title. "I think that would mean my career is complete, from everything I've wanted to do in this league," Tomlinson said. "That doesn't mean that I retire, because I won't until I feel like it's time."

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    continues to score TD's, he's almost a sure thing.