Cheer up Falcons fans, there's always next year

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    It's the first day of Falcons training camp and here's an image to make the Atlanta fans smile.

    It's late April. Roger Goodell is behind a podium. His authoritative voice bellows the following: "With the second pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Brian Brohm, quarterback, University of Louisville."

    Feel better?

    Or is it too harsh to be talking draft on Day 1 of training camp?

    Hey, it is much better than thinking about Michael Vick being due in federal court today instead.

    The opening of camps gives me the chills and it causes hope to spring eternal for all players, coaches, and fans.

    Or at least it does in every camp but the one going on in Flowery Branch, Georgia.


    There is a very realistic chance the Falcons will be one of the worst teams in the NFL this year. Finishing with the worst record is a possibility.

    This is a bad team (think 7-9 again) even with Vick and no distractions.

    Just when Falcons fans were collecting their thoughts after the two-hour presser on Tuesday featuring owner Arthur Blank, general manager Rich McKay and new head coach (boy our heart bleeds for him) Bobby Petrino, they got hit with another blow.

    Warrick Dunn had back surgery on July 21st for a herniated disk and will miss 3-4 weeks of camp.

    Well at least you have Matt Schaub to replace Vick.

    Oh wait.

    Joey Harrington is now the signal caller for the Falcons. And seriously, Petrino did a brilliant thing during Tuesday's press conference by saying that Harrington was the guy and the club would bring in a veteran to compete for the backup spot.

    Longtime NFL defensive end Kevin Carter, who played with Harrington last year in Miami, told us the QB is as talented as anyone in the NFL. Carter likes Joey's arm and decision making and says he's a tremendous worker. According to Carter, all he needs is, "confidence and opportunity," which he'll get in Petrino's very quarterback-friendly system.

    If it was only that easy.

    Raise your hand if you thought Harrington would succeed in Detroit.

    Yes, that's me sheepishly extending my paw in the back.

    "Joey Blue Skies", as Harrington was once dubbed by a Motown journalist, never panned out.

    Maybe it will work in Atlanta. Precedent says it won't.

    Jerious Norwood is a good running back. He'd be even better with a healthy Warrick Dunn.

    Plus, the Falcons offensive line is poor. Wayne Gandy committed two false start penalties as you were reading this.

    While Alge Crumpler is a pro's pro and a great tight end, the receiving core remains a disaster. If Michael Jenkins and Roddy White were fifth rounders, you would call them pedestrian. As former first-round picks, you call them busts. You hope that new receivers coach Hue Jackson can work his wonderful magic and whip them into shape. Joe Horn failed his last New Orleans physical and hasn't done anything in two years. And sadly, it's another season lost to injury for Brian Finneran.

    And then there's the defense.

    You need to replace Patrick Kerney's leadership and play at defensive end. I love Jamaal Anderson's upside, but stepping in for Kerney right away is a tough task. There's no reason to believe this is the year John Abraham finally stays healthy. Demorrio Williams, who was cleared to practice at the beginning of camp in a rare nugget of positive news, is coming off of pectoral muscle surgery. Atlanta had major issues last year stopping the run and, even with Mike Zimmer taking over as defensive coordinator, it's hard to imagine a complete turnaround. And lost in the Vick storylines, defensive back Jimmy Williams got arrested for misdemeanor marijuana charge. While Chris Houston and David Irons have potential, star cornerback DeAngelo Hall needs a legit running mate.

    For the record, I think the right people are in place to lead this team post-Vick. Petrino was a great college coach who has pro experience and hired a great staff. McKay and Blank are strong leaders. All three impressed me during the press conference on Tuesday.

    The 2007 season officially starts today with Falcons training camp. Already, it's more a circus than anything else.

    But at least you can dream about Brohm, right?
  2. mcrow

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    Well, atleast my Vike have a decent chance of winning their first game.

    But in a way I do feel sorry for the fans. :comfort:
  3. MichaelVick7

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    its coo while im away, just sign my borther marcus to take my place for the time being, and who cares if he plays WR right now for the dolphins, they are just too racist to admit a black QB can play in the NFL
  4. DaBearsrule4ever

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    I smell a 4-12 season for the Falcons with Joey Harrington at QB.
  5. misfitz

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    you must not keep in contact with your brother he was released from the Dolphins several monthes ago figured hed be hitting you up for money by now
  6. mcrow

    mcrow Skol Vikings!

    I think there a decent chance they won't even get 4 wins.
  7. ragman

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    I feel sorry for the Falcons fans, but I feel most sorry for the rest of the Falcons team who didn't have a thing to do with this scandal. You know the press is going to ask them about it every day of the season.
  8. DaBearsrule4ever

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  9. MichaelVick7

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    i dont associate myself with Marcus, hes a bad apple, and Mike Vick does not associate himself with bad apples
  10. wide right

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    That's dead dogs you're smelling.
  11. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Oh, ok, LOL!
  12. mcrow

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    Yeah, it could be as bad as 3-13 in my mind.

    Who knows, maybe they'll be better than that an god 5-11.:icon_cool:

    I don't think so , but it's possible.