Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Says His Knee Is Fine

Discussion in 'Kansas City Chiefs' started by nastynate184, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel says he is ready to play in Sunday's season-opener against the Baltimore Ravens but that he will abide by the decision of his coach. The 27-year-old sprained his left knee in Kansas City's pre-season game against the Seattle Seahawks on August 29 and was sidelined until he returned to team practice on Monday. "I feel fine," Cassel told the team's official website on Thursday. "I feel mentally right where I should be and physically, I am getting better each and every day. "As long as I feel right, the coach makes the decision. For the end result, we come together and collaborate and if we say that I am ready to go, I will be out there on Sunday."

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    I hope he does play, because I don't want to hear excuses from Chiefs fans that they didn't have there #1 QB in the game.
  3. warcrychief

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    i cant believe how confident these raven homers are.
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    And you wouldn't be if your team went to the AFC Championship game facing a team that won two games?:icon_rolleyes:
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    Twice as much as your team 2 years ago lol but hey its all a clean slate and this will be more of a game than what most of you guys think.
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    Again you know what I said is true but you like to take shots because that would mean you are wrong.
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    I love the homer in ya warcry, and I'm as optimistic about our chances of winning more games this year as you are, but you have to be worried about Cassel against the Ravens D.

    Our line hasn't gelled yet.
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    Oh yeah im worried alright. but ive seen the ball bounce the wrong way 4 the least talented team 2 many times to think that this is a gimme game for the Ravens.

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    all you have done is take shots at my team. all im doing is defending my team from your poor view.

    1. Poor GM ~ replaced with the Best 1 on the market

    2. Poor HC ~ replaced with what the GM is the best out there

    3. Poor QB ~ replaced with what the GM is the best for the team

    4. Poor Defense ~ replaced with the best style that helps win games

    i have some good reasons to be a homer
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    I don't think it's a gimme, but I'm worried about what COULD happen to our QB's...
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    If you say so skippy.

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    And FYI the only real shot I took at the Chiefs was wasting a draft pick on Thig 2.
  11. warcrychief

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    All off season? :word42: you taken more shots than that dude lmao
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    Real fans don't use piss poor excuses....I don't care who plays at QB as long as they aren't lying on their back all day...when we lose a game, I know who to blame, (whether it's my teams HC, offense, defense, whatever) I never blame a loss on injuries...a good team has to be sure they have backup players good enough to step in...if they don't, that's on the GM/HC.
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