Chris Cooley Says Redskins Can't Expect Rookie QB Robert Griffin III To Save Offense

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    Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III’s comfort level in the Washington Redskins’ offense has gradually increased, and as it does, he moves closer toward filling the role of franchise savior. But tight end Chris Cooley cautions that regardless of Griffin’s impressive athleticism, throwing ability and intelligence, the Redskins face slim chances for success if they’re expecting their prized signal caller to carry the team. The ninth-year veteran doesn’t deny the fact that Griffin is a rare talent, but after three weeks of offseason practices, Cooley has concluded that the entire offense must assume responsibility for the unit’s success. “The biggest thing as far as the line and skill positions is to be right,†Cooley said Thursday, shortly after Griffin and the offense wrapped up OTAs with an impressive practice session. “There are specific rules in our offense, and there are specific ways plays are run, and we’ve been unsuccessful over the last couple years because you can look back at plays and you can say, ‘This is great except for one or two guys.’ We can’t be wrong.â€

    Source: Washington Post
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    I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they expect.

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