Chris Johnson Matches NFL Mark With 6th Game Over 125 Yards

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans' started by SRW, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. SRW

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    Tennessee running back Chris Johnson has matched the NFL record shared by Earl Campbell and Eric twinkyerson with his sixth straight game rushing for at least 125 yards. Johnson topped 125 yards with an 85-yard touchdown run in the third quarter Sunday against Arizona, giving him 150 yards on 15 carries. Campbell set the mark in 1980 when the Titans were the Houston Oilers, and twinkyerson matched him in 1984.

    Source: Associated Press
  2. markaz

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    Unbelievable talent.
  3. SweetShot03

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    bah...... god skills wrong week to pull out big runs lol........
  4. hermhater

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    Dudes a straight up beast.
  5. SoDev

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    Some amazing company to be in.
  6. 86WARD

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    He's the best back in the league right now...
  7. CaptainStubing

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    he's been on fire and is running the best right now but if you were starting a franchise tomorrow, would you take cj or ap?
  8. Roy31

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    He has huge holes to run into. But yeah theres no questioning his talent, once he gets that edge he's gone. Whats even more amazing than the 6 straigjht games with 125+ yards is that he breaks 80 yard runs like every other game and does it with ease.
  9. ball in the baskett

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  10. 86WARD

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    Right now I'd go CJ...just because he can break a long one...a real long one at any time...both rushing and receiving...
  11. Sweets

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    And he's just fun to watch.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Chris Johnson Highlights-The Beast[/ame]
  12. theeraser21

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    Man, as a Colts fan, I think I would rather play New Orleans or New England instead of Tennessee
  13. SoDev

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    I'd take AP if I could choose one to start a franchise with, but only because I'd feel like it's the safer pick.
  14. Evasfunk

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    I'd take CJ over Peterson all day, kids speed is just on a whole different level not to mention he also leads the league in yards after contact.
  15. Bulluck53

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    I love me some CJ, but I take AP until I see CJ put up numbers like this again. AP has fumble issues that CJ doesn't seem to have (or haven't seen yet) but he has had a longer period to show his consistency. When CJ does that he'll be the best in my mind.
  16. CaptainStubing

    CaptainStubing Gave her a Dirty Sanchez

    wow, i'm a little surprised how quickly the tide is turning to replace ap as the best back in the league. just a month ago, ap was, by popular opinion, easily the hands down best running back in the league but i can't really argue against cj. Here are their comparitive numbers since cj entered the league:

    AP: 613 touches, 3100 yards from scrimmage and 21 td's, 13 fumbles
    CJ: 523 touches, 3000 yards from scrimmage and 19 td's, 2 fumbles
  17. smeags

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    according to k-train, johnson's success has nothing to do with the titans turnaround (look at his stats from the first five games compared to the last six), it's all vince young.
  18. bigsexyy81

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    AP has fumbled 15 times the last two years. CJ has 2 fumbles. CJ also gives you a better receiving option out of the backfield.
  19. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    CJ is doing it in a tougher conference too.
  20. BoltzRule

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    AD is more fumble prone, plus lets not forget that he's also more injury prone. IMO with the way he runs he won't last very long, running over guys kills your career sooner than your speed runs out. As long as CJ has that speed he has the threat that makes him so explosive.

    Really you can't go wrong with either RB.