Clayton....Top 10 matchups for 07

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    Divisional rivalries highlight a schedule, but the 2006 season clouded that picture. Call it parity or mediocrity, but it was hard to find great divisional races. The average margin of victory for an AFC divisional winner was four games last season. NFC races were tighter, but that was because only one team -- the Bears -- won more than 10 games.

    Once again, the AFC's domination over the NFC took hold in 2006, and it played a major part in skewing the balance of power. After a 2005 season in which the NFC came within six games of playing even with the AFC, the NFC dropped to a dismal 24-40 record against the AFC.

    I have to agree with most, can't wait for this season to get started.
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    What's great about this matchup? :sleep:
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    I'm surprised the Eagles-Patriots match-up wasn't listed.
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    man im surprised not one of the two match ups betwween the Cowboys and injuns isnt here those games draw more ratings than most other normal games
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    Same with the Saints Omen. John Clayton is a joke. First game of the season...Saints-Colts=shootout... Saints-Titans=Bush vs Young/Rose BowlII...Saints play Falcons twice, will Horn get his revenge...last game of the season Saints-Bears NFC Champ game rematch
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    oh hell yeah that saints falcons game is another one you should seethey way it gewts down here i agree
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    I said some not all.