Cluster Headaches

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    I've had migraines but not what you're talking about. Every time I have a migraine it's always right on my left temple and won't go away til I take my contacts out and get some shuteye. To have one of that magnitude I really can't comprehend it, considering how bad a regular migraine could be.
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    I've never had these...feel lucky that I haven't...knock on wood...
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    I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
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    I Had miagraines most of my life,and at the end they turned to cluster headaches.i take propanol daily now to prevent them,i usally on have 2 or 3 a year now.have you been checked out for food allergies and stuff? there are certain allergies like chocolate,and the ingredients in processed food that used to set mine off.i have always worked in factories,and a lot of time some of thesprays i used on my machine used to set mine should ask your doctor and keep a journal of everything you consume and the different chemicals you work could be allergic to some of those things.hope ya get better man! those damn things hurt like hell and made me cry a lot from the pounding pain.
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    I don't have journal. I have volumes that I no longer need because they're memorized. I could tell you every single food, what it contains and which one's I avoid like the plague. Interesting about chocolate because that is usually associated with migraine and I've never had a problem with that. No. 1 for me is booze, esp wine. Haven't had a drink in 21 years. Anything with MSG in it, natured cheese, nuts, etc. anything high in nitrates.
    Let me ask you one question...when you get a cluster do you have to go hole out in a quiet, dark room or do you have to be on the move?

    I've had 26 years experience with these things and taking every drugs know to man. The ONLY one that works is massive doses of prednisone to break the cycle but that come with some horrific side effects. I'll take the side effects any day of the week.

    Sorry you go through this. Know at least one other person understands you're not nuts. You need any info, let me know. Been there, done that.
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