Colts Coach Chuck Pagano Attends Today's Practice

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    Players noticed an unexpected figure today standing next to general manager Ryan Grigson as the Indianapolis Colts' practice neared its end.

    Coach Chuck Pagano was on the scene, watching, enjoying.

    "It was a beautiful moment, again," interim coach Bruce Arians said.

    Pagano has been on indefinite leave since being diagnosed with leukemia Sept. 26. He has remained in constant contact with Arians, who issued an invitation this morning.

    "Called him this morning," Arians said. "I'm always afraid to invite him when we go indoors because of germs. But we were outside and . . . (I said) 'If the doc says it's OK, please come . . . If you're feeling good today, man, please enjoy it.'

    "He came and enjoyed a good bunch of sunshine and talked to the guys.''

    Source: Indianapolis Star
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    really pulling for this guy. pulling for everyone battling it. something about his story just gets to me

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