Colts' Trade Deadline Moves May Reveal Peyton Manning's Future

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    According to Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star, what the Colts do at the trade deadline might indicate what the Colts think about Peyton Manning's future. If there's any chance Peyton Manning will not return next season, or there's some reason to think he will be severely diminished by the neck surgeries, moving Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis by Tuesday's trade deadline is really a very good idea. Even if fourth-rounders don't rate as great value for two Pro Bowl-quality players, it's better than getting nothing if the intention is to let them walk at season's end. We're going to find out in the coming days how the Colts view Manning's health situation. If the Colts stand still, it suggests they think Manning will come back and be perfectly fine but if they move one or the other, or both, it could mean Manning's future is in great peril.

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