Contributing author talks SEC bias

Discussion in 'NCAA Football Talk' started by SportsChump, Oct 29, 2014.

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    With the unveiling of the first ever NCAA FBS Playoff seeding, the inevitable grumbling about alleged SEC bias has already begun. We’ve heard it all before, but we will for damn sure hear it again and again until the SEC completely cannibalizes itself in its last few weeks. However, even with all the attrition that the back half of the conference schedule tends to bring, it would probably surprise no one to see at least two SEC schools in the conversation for a playoff spot. But, is it actually bias? Or, is the SEC actually worthy of the regard that sports media tends to bestow on it?

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    if the teams that had been ranked near the top were in the acc,folks would be hearing about acc bias.
    the national champ is gonna come from the sec again,so this whole thing is just getting started.
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    I do think, Dies, you'll have two of the final four from the SEC.

    Probably Mississippi State and the winner of the Auburn-Alabama game.

    Then it'll be up to FSU and the fourth team to take care of business.