Could Raiders and 49ers share a stadium? Roger Goodell says it could happen

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    The Oakland Raiders have a year left in their lease at Stadium, which they share with MLB's Oakland Athletics, and are not happy with the current terms of that lease.

    So what's the best solution? It might not only be be moving out — it could involve shacking up with a new roommate. Can you imagine the Raiders and Bay Area rival 49ers sharing a stadium? Roger Goodell can.

    "Well, we have two pro teams in the Bay Area. Obviously, the stadium issue in Oakland's going to have to be resolved, too," the NFL commissioner said during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the 49ers' new Levi's Stadium. "We believe a new stadium is appropriate for the Raiders. They have to make that determination whether they're in a new stadium in Oakland or whether they feel that it's best to join this stadium.

    "We're working on that, and that's one of the decisions they'll have to make."